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Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve Dragon Tong Balm

$ 15.49

A and E has gone back to ancient Asian remedies to create a modern solution for long-lasting sex. Dragon Tong Balm increases your control so you reach your apex when you're ready '' and not a second sooner. Containing Mucuna Pruriens, natural oils, and other special ingredients, this cream enhances your staying power while preserving every sensation for unbeatable pleasure. Apply a very small dab before sex and follow the instructions carefully for best results. Some lotions and creams that help delay ejaculation work by desensitizing or numbing the nerves in the penis. Adam and Eve Dragon Tong Balm actually enhances your sensation. This cream delays ejaculation by increasing your self control. By enhancing and improving your muscular control, Adam and Eve Dragon Tong Balm lets you exercise a new level of control over how your penis reacts to stimulation. Adam and Eve Dragon Tong Balm lets you get there when you want to, satisfying your partner and yourself '' while improving your relationship at the same time. Ingredients: Petrolatum, Macuna Pruriens Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Lead Powder, Ginseng Root Extract, Iron Oxides (Cl 77489, Cl 77491, Cl 77499), Pimenta Officinalis (Pimento) Leaf Oil, Mica, Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Oil, Titanium Dioxide (Cl 77891).
Purpose: Enhances control and sensations.
How to Use Item: Apply a very small amount to tip of penis 1-3 hours before sex.
Special Features: Improves muscle control without desensitizing or numbing the penis.

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